Thursday, November 13, 2014

Prophet (Tukufu), from the upcoming novel - Daughter of Gods and Shadows

Artist:  Robert Schilling

Prophet (Tukufu)

A Guardian’s oath is only given once, and it is a commitment that lasts for eternity.  Prophet gave his oath to Mkombozi when she was just an infant.  After her death at the hands of her mother Khale, the Great Shifter, more than four-thousand years ago, Prophet and the last remaining Theians escaped to Earth.  Had it not been for the promise of his Beloved Mkombozi’s rebirth in this world, he’d have wasted away in the hopelessness of his loss.  Finding Eden is his second chance to right his wrongs.  The young human woman, his reincarnated Beloved, is afraid and confused, but her essence, the essence of the one he’d sworn himself to all those years ago, still burns inside her, and he vows to do whatever it takes to protect her.

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