Daughter of Gods and Shadows

Eden Reid is twenty-four year old ancient god from Brooklyn, New York. But she doesn’t know about the god part. Yet. What she does know is that she’s currently living a paralyzed life. She can’t seem to escape the things that scare her because the things that scare her seem to be everywhere. For instance, the tall thin man reading the Post across from her on the Staten Island ferry has a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth and has eyes like an owl. And the woman standing at the bow of the ferry, wearing the Donna Karan dress and the red-bottom pumps has the face of a cat. That’s not even the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that when she looks at them, they look back…as if they know her.

And life is about to get stranger. An extremely powerful demon is gunning for her; a zombie-like pandemic is spreading across the country, creating creatures who are hungry for flesh, fast on their feet and clever; and there is the mysterious, handsome stranger with powers of his own who claims to have been her lover from a time and a life that Eden cannot remember. He promises to help awaken her powers for the upcoming war. A war where there is only one prize: survival…in Daughter of Gods and Shadows from debut author Jayde Brooks.

"Jayde Brooks weaves real magic with Daughter of Gods and Shadows. Dark and dangerous sorcery, first page to last." —Jonathan Maberry, New York Timesbestselling author of Predator One and V-Wars

"Between resurrecting demons, awakening a redeemer, and watching the world as we know it end, Daughter of Gods and Shadows is a bold and imaginative new tale set in a complex, original world."—Tessa Dawn, Bestselling Author of the Blood Curse Series 

"There's plenty to love about Daughter of Gods and Shadows:  It features a rich, fantastically constructed plot, and the story, which follows the entertaining adventure of Eden and Prophet, is action-packed, with a compelling mythology that totally draws the reader in."—RT Book Reviews

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  1. Finished reading this about 5 minutes ago. Excellent book, totally looking forward to the rest :D

  2. First off , let me say that I am proud of you as an African American Horror writer. I just decided to do some research today and found out that there are indeed some black female horror writers. Even though I love horror myself and have never heard of any black female horror writers, I foolishly thought that I would be the first one, (whenever that would happen). That's why I finally did my research today. I will be purchasing your book, Daughter of Gods and Shadows. I can truly say that it is really a time for change to introduce African American horror writers in Hollywood. Hollywood is so far behind and limited in their thinking. And what's sad is that we have black male producers and directors that won’t even help African American female horror writers to get their stuff on the big screen. Thanks for being an inspiration for me and letting me know that I can finish my book that I have been working on since 2009. It really takes a good long time to write a good book. God Bless you and keep up the excellent work!