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Eden Reid
Haunted by a destiny she didn’t choose, Eden is reluctant to embrace her fate, but soon realizes there’s no running from it.  She is the reincarnation of an ancient being, Mkombozi, from another world, another life, reborn into this life to save this world from Sakarabru, a Demon bent on taking over Earth and building his army from tortured human beings, who ultimately become slaves to his will.  Can Eden do what the prophecy says she must?  Can she make and survive the bonds with the ancient Omens of Theia and destroy Sakarabru once and for all?  Time isn’t on her side, but Tukufu, now known as Prophet, her lover and her Guardian, has sworn to protect her and to help guide her through this tumultuous journey to save humankind and the universe.

Prophet (Tukufu)
A Guardian’s oath is only given once, and it is a commitment that lasts for eternity.  Prophet gave his oath to Mkombozi when she was just an infant.  After her death at the hands of her mother Khale, the Great Shifter, more than four-thousand years ago, Prophet and the last remaining Theians escaped to Earth.  Had it not been for the promise of his Beloved Mkombozi’s rebirth in this world, he’d have wasted away in the hopelessness of his loss.  Finding Eden is his second chance to right his wrongs.  The young human woman, his reincarnated Beloved, is afraid and confused, but her essence, the essence of the one he’d sworn himself to all those years ago, still burns inside her, and he vows to do whatever it takes to protect her.

Khale née Khale
The Great Shifter led her people in war against the Demon, Sakarabru, until her daughter, Mkombozi, defeated him as was foretold in the prophecy by the Troll Seer, Andromeda.  But Mkombozi destroyed more than Sakarabru.  She also destroyed their world, Theia, and Khale was forced to stop her daughter’s destruction at all costs.  Now, more than four-thousand years later on Earth, the Demon has been resurrected by the Djinn Mystic Kifo, and Khale must once again defend a world from his new Brood army, until the reborn, Eden (who is Mkombozi reincarnated) can come into her power to finally defeat him once and for all.  But even if Eden can defeat Sakarabru, Khale has a role to fulfill that cannot be avoided.  She sacrificed her daughter once before.  Will she do it again?

It is not in the Demon’s nature to coexist.  His nature is to conquer this world as he did the last, more than four thousand years ago.  His servant, the Djinn held to his word and brought Sakarabru back from death.  Before his demise, the Demon had never taken the tale of the Redeemer seriously.  Stories of her and the impending prophecy were nothing more than fairytales or fables as far as Sakarabru was concerned, who, along with his Brood Army were on the brink of defeating the Great Shifter and her forces once and for all.  When he wakes up here, in this strange new place, Kifo explains his defeat and the fall of Theia to him.  But in this world or any world, Sakarabru is not content to merely live out his life quietly.  And when he’s told of this reborn Redeemer, the reincarnation of his enemy, Mkmobozi, he is determined not to make the same mistake as before and take this threat so lightly.

A Djinn and mystic of the highest order, Kifo has spent the last four thousand years keeping a promise. 

“I thought I was dying… Would you bring me back, Kifo?”

“If I should ever have the opportunity, Lord Sakarabru, yes.  I will bring you back.”

He was a scared and lonely Djinn on Theia.  After Khale and her forces destroyed his village in the war, Kifo had no one, until Sakarabru found him wondering alone and starving in the wastelands.  In this new world, Kifo has worked his special brand of magic for the last four thousands years to bring Sakarabru back from the afterlife.  And he will use it again, when the Demon makes clear his demands for Kifo to build him a new army, not from fallen, Theian soldiers, but from human beings.

Myth.  Legend.  Goddess.  Demon?  What was Mkombozi if not all of these things and more.  She was born to be the Redeemer, Theia’s savior and the only being alive who could kill the Demon, Sakarabru.  But to destroy him, she has to survive bonding with the Omens, essences of him, and elements of his power, to become him.    Mkombozi was born to fulfill a prophecy and she does, but in becoming all that she was prophesied to be, she loses her soul and her life.


The past, present, future, and the afterlife converge on Andromeda, the Seer of the Ages.   At any given time, she can exist in more than one dimension and has insights into the world unlike any other.  Her role is to see that the Prophecy of the Omens is fulfilled and to do that, she has to sacrifice herself to the torturous Demon to ensure that it is.  The first Redeemer played her part four thousand years ago.  Now it’s time for the reborn, the Redeemer reincarnated to finish what her predecessor started.  Andromeda’s job is to orchestrate this symphony to perfection and wait for it to play out. 

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