Friday, November 14, 2014

Khale née Khale, from the upcoming novel - Daughter of Gods and Shadows

Artist octobre-rouge

Khale née Khale  
The Great Shifter led her people in war against the Demon, Sakarabru, until her daughter, Mkombozi, defeated him as was foretold in the prophecy by the Troll Seer, Andromeda.  But Mkombozi destroyed more than Sakarabru.  She also destroyed their world, Theia, and Khale was forced to stop her daughter’s destruction at all costs.  Now, more than four-thousand years later on Earth, the Demon has been resurrected by the Djinn Mystic Kifo, and Khale must once again defend a world from his new Brood army, until the reborn, Eden (who is Mkombozi reincarnated) can come into her power to finally defeat him once and for all.  But even if Eden can defeat Sakarabru, Khale has a role to fulfill that cannot be avoided.  She sacrificed her daughter once before.  Will she do it again?

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