Sunday, November 16, 2014

Artist:  Sanjana Baijnath


A Djinn and mystic of the highest order, Kifo has spent the last four thousand years keeping a promise. 

“I thought I was dying… Would you bring me back, Kifo?”

“If I should ever have the opportunity, Lord Sakarabru, yes.  I will bring you back.”

He was a scared and lonely Djinn on Theia.  After Khale and her forces destroyed his village in the war, Kifo had no one, until Sakarabru found him wondering alone and starving in the wastelands.  In this new world, Kifo has worked his special brand of magic for the last four thousands years to bring Sakarabru back from the afterlife.  And he will use it again, when the Demon makes clear his demands for Kifo to build him a new army, not from fallen, Theian soldiers, but from human beings.

Daughter of Gods and Shadows by Jayde Brooks will be released February 3, 2015

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