Monday, January 26, 2015

Hollywood’s Crippling Fear of Marvel’s Storm

Okay, Hollywood.  You’ve had numerous chances to get it right and you have failed miserably.  Storm is not a sweet, little flower, eager to extend a nurturing and helping hand.  She’s not the Halle Berry version (sniveling, apprehensive) that you so aptly butchered in the X-Men films.  If you ask me, your version of Storm was an embarrassment to not only black women, but to all women. 

(She looks like a Disney character.)

Have any of you even read the fucking comic books? 

So now you’ve killed off the Halle Berry version only to replace her with this pretty, young sweet thing who, I’m sure is a decent enough actress (she didn’t butcher the role of Lifetime’s Aliyah biopic) but is as far removed from being an African Amazonian Kick-ass Goddess as possible.  Yes.  Casting Halle Berry was a terrible decision and my beloved Storm was reduced to a fragile, castrated version of her fierce and wonderful self.   But you weren’t listening.  NOBODY liked the casting of that actress as Storm.  So you had a chance to start over and get it right, and what did you do????? 

(Pretty girl...but really?  I mean...  Am I the only one hoping for something different?)

You did this!  You cast a younger version of Halle Berry, overlooking the fact that the bad-ass-ness of Storm should scare the hell out of people.  Her beauty should be a raging storm of its own.  She is a goddess!  An African Goddess who stands 5’11” tall, and I’d be willing to bet she weighs in at close to 200 pounds of solid muscle!  She can command the fucking elements for crying out loud.  I mean—who does that?  Who does that and then walks around like some people-pleasing beauty queen whose smile can light up a room when she walks on set? 

Storm lights up the room with lightening!  Not a smile.

Yes, Hollywood, you pathetic cowards!  You blew it—again. 

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